Siobhan Benita

Benita: Reaction to City Hall Move To The Crystal

Reacting to the news that the Mayor of London will consult on a proposal to move City Hall to The Crystal in the Royal Docks, Siobhan Benita, Lib Dem Candidate for Mayor of London, said:

"Moving City Hall to The Crystal seems a sensible move on paper and we look forward to scrutinizing the details of this proposal. However, the projected money saved on this move is insignificant in comparison to the £1billion earmarked for the neighbouring Silvertown Tunnel project.

"It is a great irony that he can trumpet the money-saving and green benefits of a move to The Crystal, while proposing to build an expensive and polluting road that leads right to it. If Sadiq Khan is serious about saving Londoners money and looking after the environment, there is more radical action he could take. All spending commitments must be reviewed."

"Any new location should also be a more welcoming and accessible public space than the current one, with better opportunities for civic education and public accountability."

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