Siobhan Benita

Lib Dem campaigners spread pro-Europe message across London

Liberal Democrats have been out in force across London talking to people about why a vote for the Lib Dems in the European elections is a vote to Stop Brexit.


Britain goes to the polls on 23 May, and the country has the perfect chance to tell the Government that Brexit is not wanted - by voting Lib Dem.

Siobhan Benita, who is running to become Mayor of London in 2020, has been a regular on the campaign trail with activists and MEP candidates.

And Siobhan has found a very positive reception for the Liberal Democrats’ pro-Europe message.

Siobhan said: "It's clear from the reaction that we are getting from residents, that our clear Stop Brexit message is really resonating with Londoners.  

“On Sunday in Ealing people were asking us for window posters and coming over to us on the street to congratulate us on our resurgence and tell us that we had their vote, including many traditional Labour voters - and members."


Lib Dem campaigners are delivering leaflets, speaking to voters on the doorstep and running Brexitometers on high streets. The Brexitometer polls show people’s views on Brexit - and highlight London’s Remain credentials.



Teams are out across London every day, with more action days planned for this weekend. Find your local party on our Twitter list, Facebook or their local website and get involved with the final push to polling day on May 23.


Read more about the campaign day in Ealing in this Guardian article.

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