Siobhan Benita

Lib Dems join togetherness of interfaith Iftar


Siobhan Benita and Hina Bokahri last night joined an interfaith Iftar in Mitcham as guests of Muslim Women of Merton.

Siobhan, the Lib Dems’ mayoral candidate, and Hina, a Merton councillor and GLA candidate, joined fellow guests at the evening meal which marks the end of a day’s fasting during Ramadan.

Head teachers, senior police officers, local church leaders and councillors were among the other guests at the second interfaith Iftar to take place in Merton.

Siobhan said: "I'd like to thank the Muslim Women of Merton for inviting me to this lovely event.  

“By bringing people together in this way - people from different faiths and from different political parties -  the women created a fantastic opportunity for the whole community to come together, discuss shared values and explore ideas for co-operation.  

“Good conversation over excellent food is always a winning combination."

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