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Press releases

  • STATEMENT - 10 January: "I'll love London better" says Siobhan Benita as Sadiq Khan tries to 'lovebomb' LibDem voters
  • STATEMENT - 29 November: Siobhan Benita says Labour's London Manifesto doesn't have London's interests at heart as it is silent on Brexit and the huge challenges facing the capital
  • STATEMENT - 25 November: Siobhan Benita calls on Sadiq Khan to sort out Uber problems as soon as possible
  • PRESS RELEASE - 19 November: Siobhan Benita calls on Mayor of London to unlock millions of pounds on unused Oyster cards for homeless charities this Christmas
  • STATEMENT - 31 October: Siobhan Benita says Sadiq Khan's rough sleeping strategy has failed 
  • STATEMENT: 30 October 2019: Siobhan Benita responds to Grenfell Tower fire report
  • STATEMENT - 29 October 2019: Siobhan Benita says "This is our moment in London" as MPs vote for Dec 12th general election
  • STATEMENT - 17 October 2019: Siobhan Benita says Extinction Rebellion have gone too far
  • PRESS RELEASE - 8 October 2019: Siobhan Benita and Guy Verhofstadt vow to protect rights of EU citizens & UK citizens in Europe
  • STATEMENT - 23 September 2019: Siobhan Benita welcomes Luciana Berger standing in a London seat
  • TRANSCRIPT - 16 September 2019: Siobhan Benita's speech to Lib Dem conference
  • PRESS RELEASE - 16 September 2019: I will keep freedom of movement in London, Brexit or no-Brexit, vows Siobhan Benita
  • PRESS RELEASE - 15 September 2019: Former top cop and Sadiq Khan advisor switches support to Mayor's LibDem rival Siobhan Benita
  • PRESS RELEASE - 14 September 2019: Reward restaurants offering more vegan options on the menu

Media coverage

  • The London Post - 22 January: Siobhan Benita says London must be world leader on the environment and says the current mayor has been disappointing
  • OnLondon - 21 January: Lib Dem mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita accuses rivals of ‘ambulance-chasing’ over violent crime
  • OnLondon - 20 January: Siobhan Benita says HS2 “feels like Crossrail all over again, with spiralling costs, delays and incompetent management"
  • Evening Standard letters - 17 January: Siobhan Benita & London LibDems call for TfL to take over South Western Railway
  • New Statesman - 16 January: London mayoral walks, #1: with LibDem Siobhan Benita
  • Evening Standard, the Londoner - 16 January: Siobhan Benita pulling a perfect Guinness at the Irish embassy
  • LBC - 16 January: Siobhan Benita interviewed on tackling knife crime as figures show record levels of knife offences
  • BBC Radio London - 16 January: Siobhan Benita interviewed on policing and cannabis decriminalisation 
  • MetroUK - 14 January: London’s Lib Dem Mayor candidate backs Women’s World Cup bid and legalising weed
  • AsianLite - 14 January: PROFILE: Siobhan Benita - the Mayor London needs
  • The Independent - 12 January: This shows Sadiq Khan sees me as a serious threat in the mayoral race, says Siobhan Benita as London Mayor Sadiq Khan to 'lovebomb' Lib Dem voters in bid to win 2020 London mayoral election
  • The i-paper - 11 January: Sadiq Khan must be rattled if he's trying to poach Lib Dem voters, says Siobhan Benita as London mayor Sadiq Khan will 'target Liberal Democrat voters' in re-election campaign
  • BBC London - 9 January: Call for law change over increase in homophobic hate crimes in London
  • Guardian Series North London - 5 January: London mayoral candidates say it's all still to play for
  • This is Local London - 2 January: Mayoral candidates gear up for election with 2020 New Year messages
  • Football London - 9 December: UK general election 2019: what each party are offering to football fans in London - Siobhan Benita, wants to drive a bid to host the 2027 Women's World Cup in London.
  • The New European - 9 December: 'Don't let Boris Johnson steal your future' - Why Londoners should consider backing Lib Dems in knife-edge seats - writes Siobhan Benita
  • Evening Standard - 9 December: Liberal Democrat calls for £400m unused Oyster card credit to go to homeless
  • Metro - 8 December: Homeless ‘should get £400,000,000 left on dormant Oyster cards’
  • Newsbeat - 5 December: Siobhan Benita is questioned by undecided first-time voters
  • LBC - 4 December: Tashan Daniel's cousin calls in to challenge London Mayor candidate on knife crime - and gets what he says is a "very good" answer
  • LBC - 4 December: Eddie Mair's Election Call with Siobhan Benita 
  • Siobhan Benita with Hugh Grant campaigning for Chuka Umunna
  • SkyNews - 28 November: Siobhan Benita on Kay Burley at Breakfast
  • LBC - 27 November: Siobhan Benita on Cross Question with Iain Dale
  • Asian Voice - 27 November: Will London elect its first female Mayor in Siobhan Benita?
  • Guardian Series North London News - 25 November: Uber loses London licence - Sadiq Khan needs to find a resolution to this issue as soon as possible, says Siobhan Benita
  • Bloomberg Radio - 21 November: LibDems: Labour is Spend, Spend Spend, says Siobhan Benita
  • London Post - 20 November: LibDem Siobhan Benita calls on Mayor of London to unlock millions of pounds on unused Oyster cards for homeless charities
  • Guardian Series East London: 20 November: Siobhan Benita calls for Oyster donation to end homelessness
  • CityAM - 19 November: Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita proposes TfL homelessness scheme
  • On London - 14 November: Lib Dem Siobhan Benita: I’ll be more business-friendly than Mayor Khan
  • Times Series North London - 12 November: Siobhan Benita says Mayoral race will be about Brexit
  • Evening Standard - 12 November: I won't let cowardly threats stop me, says Lib Dem mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita
  • The Guardian: Sam Gyimah and the Lib Dem London mayoral candidate, Siobhan Benita, arriving to visit to WhiteHat in London Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA

Sam Gyimah and the Lib Dem London mayoral candidate, Siobhan Benita arriving to visit to WhiteHat in London

  • Guardian Series East London - 4 November: Sadiq Khan has begun to talk seriously about two of the key issues at the heart of my plan to tackle knife crime and keep young Londoners safe says Siobhan Benita.
  • The Independent - 4 November: How legalising cannabis in London would crush violence and the illegal drugs trade - writes Siobhan Benita
  • BBC Sunday Politics - 3 November: Siobhan Benita discusses the LibDem prospects in London at the general election and the Grenfell Tower fire report
  • New Civil Engineer - 1 November: London mayor rivals demand halt to Silvertown Tunnel plans
  • Guardian Series East London & West Essex - 1 November: First time rough sleepers in London rise 50% in single year - Siobhan Benita says Sadiq Khan’s approach has “clearly failed”
  • Evening Standard - 30 October: Siobhan Benita letter on rewarding sustainable businesses including restaurants that offer vegan options
  • The Jewish Chronicle - 28 October: Sadiq Khan 'in increasingly difficult place' over Labour antisemitism, says Lib Dem challenger
  • The Guardian - 25 October: Rory Stewart calls three London men filmed in walkabout video 'minor gangsters' - Rory Stewart’s choice of language shows yet again how he’s out of touch with Londoners says Siobhan Benita (also in Independent, Daily Telegraph, iNewsPolitics Home)
  • SkyNews - 24 October: European elections: '600,000' EU citizens could have lost their vote in London - the missing votes could have cost us seats say Siobhan Benita
  • Camden New Journal - 24 October: London mayoral candidate makes new call to legalise cannabis
  • Guardian series East London & West Essex - 21 October: Rory Stewart should not be Mayor of London, claims rival
  • OnLondon - 20 October: Rory Stewart attacked by London Mayor rivals over Brexit deal vote
  • City AM - 20 October: Rory Stewart 'doesn't speak for London': Lib Dems mayoral candidate
  • The Guardian - 15 October: Letter from Siobhan - will Boris Johnson's dad be voting for her?

  • City A.M. - 15 October: Liberal Democrats mayor of London candidate wants to decriminalise cannabis
  • The Sunday Times - 13 October: Siobhan Benita letter on why she's baguette not toast
  • East London and West Essex Guardian - 11 October 2019: Liberal Democrat Siobhan Benita pledges to fight Brexit and knife crime
  • Channel 4, The Political Slot - 7 October 2019: Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, and Siobhan Benita, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, discuss the impact of Brexit uncertainty
  • The Independent - 5 October 2019: A Brexit-supporting mayor isn't what Remainer London needs – Rory Stewart would know that if he'd been paying attention - writes Siobhan Benita
  • LBC - 4 October 2019: Siobhan Benita tells Shelagh Fogarty that Rory Stewart's voting record doesn't match the moderate image he's trying to portray
  • Evening Standard - 4 October 2019: Lib Dem’s purse banned from Parliament over 'B******* to Brexit' sticker
  • On London - 26th September 2019: Lib Dem mayoral candidate hails Luciana Berger Finchley & Golders Green election bid
  • Evening Standard - 25 September 2019: letter from Siobhan Benita - Lib Dems right for a diverse London
  • Jewish Chronicle - 24 September 2019: Second Jewish Tory defects to the Lib Dems in the space of a week.  Ben Seifert endorsed Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor Siobhan Benita
  • Lots of interest in what @SiobhanBenita had to say @LibDems conference. See thread for round-up of all the coverage, starting with this double page photo in @thetimes
  • Newsnight - 19 September 2019: Everything has changed
  • Jewish News - 18 September 2019: Lib Dem candidate: Sadiq Khan props up party that failed to ‘drive out’ Jew-hate
  • Jewish Chronicle - 18 September 2019: In her keynote speech Siobhan Benita accused Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan of “continuing to prop up a Labour party that has failed to drive out antisemitism”
  • Evening Standard - 17 September 2019: Legalise cannabis to make London safer, says Lib Dem mayor candidate
  • Politics Home - 17 September 2019: ANALYSIS: The Lib Dems are on a high, but tensions over its Brexit policy remain
  • BBC Radio London - 16 September 2019: Eddie Nestor interview on knife crime, Brexit and conference
  • BBC London TV news - 16 September 2019: Siobhan's conference
  • ITV London news - 16 September 2019: Siobhan Benita at LibDem party conference
  • - 16 September 2019: Sadiq Khan shamed: London Mayor condemned as ex-police adviser defects to Lib Dems
  • LBC - 16 September 2019: Former Sadiq Khan Policing Adviser Defects To Lib Dems Over Knife Crime
  • The Independent - 16 September 2019: Brexit: London could keep freedom of movement for EU citizens if Lib Dems seize control of City Hall, party’s mayoral candidate says
  • BBC - 16 September 2019: Former Khan adviser moves to Lib Dems over knife crime
  • On London - 16 September 2019: Siobhan Benita cannabis pledge presents new challenge to Sadiq Khan on crime
  • Daily Mail - 15 September 2019: Sadiq Khan's former policing adviser defects to Liberal Democrats over knife crime in London, saying his children are 'not safe' on the streets
  • The Observer - 14 September 2019: Legalise cannabis, says Liberal Democrat candidate for London mayor
  • Evening Standard - 12 September 2019: Civil service should put their concerns about no-deal Brexit on the record 
  • City AM interview - 12 August 2019: We can win this
  • Evening Standard editorial - 9 August, 2019: "London is looking for new ideas. Step forward, Siobhan Benita."
  • Evening Standard interview - 9 August, 2019: Make cannabis legal to tackle London's crime epidemic, says Lib Dem mayoral hopeful Siobhan Benita
  • Sky News comment - 1 August 2019: Tackling serious violence and knife crime
  • Politics Live discussion - 17 July 2019: How to solve the housing crisis
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