Siobhan Benita for Mayor of London

Benita Launches the Gold Squad to support London Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London, Siobhan Benita, has launched the "Gold Squad” - a new group for Lib Dem members and supporters to support target seats across the capital during the election.

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Siobhan Benita: Let's turn London gold again in this general election


I genuinely believe this is our moment. The LibDems are now the popular and the credible choice for voters in London.

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I will always champion London’s brilliant diversity

Siobhan Benita, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, reflects on the importance of London's diversity for Black History Month.

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Benita: I will make London a world leader on the Environment

Siobhan Benita, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London, told the crowd at an Extinction Rebellion panel in Trafalgar Square today that she would make London ‘a world leader in Environmental issues’.

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Benita in Brussels to discuss Free Movement for London

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London, Siobhan Benita, and London Assembly Member, Caroline Pidgeon, met senior EU figures in Brussels this week for a day of meetings about the Brexit situation and London.

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Siobhan Benita pledges more car-free days as Mayor of London

Siobhan Benita joined Londoners taking to the streets to enjoy car-free day at the weekend - and promised more regular takeovers if she is elected Mayor next year.

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Siobhan Benita's speech to conference in full - announcing freedom of movement in London

The Liberal Democrat candidate to become Mayor of London in 2020 shared key policies on knife crime and freedom of movement as she shared her vision for a liberal London. 

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Tackling London's knife crime crisis: Siobhan Benita's 5-point plan

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London 2020 is on the all party Youth Violence Commission. She sets out how she will tackle the knife crime crisis with her 'Feel safe, be safe' plan.

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Former Sadiq Khan advisor quits as London Labour candidate to join Siobhan Benita's team

Former top London police officer Leroy Logan has joined Siobhan Benita's campaign to help get her elected as the next Mayor of London. 

Leroy, who was an advisor to Sadiq Khan and running to be a member of the London Assembly, has lost faith in the current mayor and believes Siobhan has the ideas and expertise to stop the escalating knife crime crisis as London Mayor.

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Reward restaurants offering more vegan options on the menu, says Lib Dem mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita


Siobhan Benita is considering ways to reward restaurants which offer more vegan options. 

The Liberal Democrat candidate to become Mayor of London in 2020 believes tackling the climate crisis means less meat on the menu in future.

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