Siobhan Benita

My Priorities


We all love London. But too many things are not working. From knife crime and homelessness to our toxic air - it can and must be better.

As a former senior civil servant, I know all the government departments the Mayor has to work with to get things done. If you elect me, I can hit the ground running.

I want to create a safer, greener and kinder capital where people and businesses can thrive. Here are my priorities:


End knife violence, address the causes of crime and boost community policing.


Siobhan visits Cracked It, an award-winning phone repair service staffed by young offenders.

Siobhan Benita is an expert on knife crime, having been a member of the cross-parliamentary Youth Violence Commission that looked in the root causes of youth violence. Tackling knife crime will be her top priority.

She has a detailed plan that puts compassion back into the approach, investing in our young people and putting the community back into local policing.

Siobhan has been backed by Leroy Logan, the former police superintendent that quit as an advisor to Sadiq Khan because of his failure on knife crime. He said:

“Khan tried to scare people into submission and told them to ‘drop the knife or you go to prison.’ It's not just about punitive measures. It's also about prevention and intervention. He has let London down and we need a new mayor, and that person is Siobhan Benita.”


Reduce pollution, eradicate waste and be a world-leader on the environment.


Siobhan speaks to campaigners at an Extinction Rebellion event.

Siobhan Benita believes London should be a world leader on environmental issues. The former civil servant, who worked on government environment policy when climate change was emerging on the international agenda, has years of policy experience to bring to the role.

She believes there is more the Mayor can do to lead by example and incentivise more environmentally friendly behaviours in the capital, like sustainable food habits.

Speaking about her vision to make London the greenest city on earth, Siobhan said:

“We know that large cities have been part of the problem for our environment - but I believe they can be part of the solution too. By bringing together the green technology sector, environmental campaigners and the public sector we can achieve a London that has clean air to breathe, zero waste and is a happy, healthy place to live.”


Fairer transport options, eliminate rough sleeping and celebrate diversity.


Siobhan participates in CentrePoint's sleepout event to raise awareness of homelessness.

Siobhan Benita wants to bring compassion and kindness back into the heart of politics. That means working together, listening and focusing on what we can get done for people.

She believes there is more a Mayor can do to end rough sleeping and wants to make transport fairer for lower-income and outer London commuters. Siobhan will champion our city’s diversity, by fighting to keep Freedom of Movement, and put wellbeing at the heart of policy.

In her keynote speech to Autumn Conference in 2019, Siobhan spoke about her typical London background - her mum from India, Dad from Cornwall and husband from France - and how that powers her commitment to all Londoners. She said:

“We will always celebrate London as a magnet to people from all over the world. In our kinder London, we will send a message loud and clear that we value everyone’s contribution, whether they come from Kingston or Calcutta or Croatia or, like my Dad –from the Duchy of Cornwall."