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IBP Summer Party and Communication and PR Awards

IBP Summer Party and Communication and PR Awards

Thursday 20th June

Guest Speaker, Siobhan Benita, 2012 London Mayoral candidate, who shared the highs and lows of running her campaign against the background of not being given equal air time - to explain her policies - as the main three political parties. Speech video at



Lay off our lunchboxes

This week the Government’s official school food advisors and fast food restaurateurs John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby stated that the current school dinner system in this country is “economically bust”. I agree that adequate resource is not being invested in school food. I agreed with that when Jamie Oliver drew our attention to this issue with such passion several years ago. In their private sector wisdom, however, the Leon duo don’t see this as something that government should fix. Instead, they have suggested that the solution lies in banning packed lunches and forcing parents to buy school meals for their children instead.

Sounds like a lunch tax to me but putting aside my views on the business model, I have a fundamental problem with this fruitcake idea. I have never seen anything in my 14 years as a mum to make me believe that “the system” can feed my children better than I can. In most school canteens – even those that pride themselves on being healthy because they have removed vending machines and the daily chips option – mountains of white carbs, processed proteins and over-cooked vegetables are still passed off as... Read More


By Giselle Green


Does the prank phone call tragedy show how those involved need to take their jobs more seriously?

I happened to meet a hospital consultant over the weekend who has worked with and knew Jacintha Saldanha. He was deeply distressed by what had happened. I expressed surprise that an incident for which she remained anonymous, wasn’t blamed or rebuked and which even Prince Charles later joked about, could possibly have led to her suicide. He explained to me how seriously Jacintha took her nursing duties, how crucial patient confidentiality is to nurses like her, and how devastating it would have been for her to be humiliated not just in front of the world but more importantly in front of her professional colleagues who would have known her identity. I found it humbling to realise how some people literally take the principles underpinning their jobs deadly seriously. Sadly no one else in this sorry affair did. Read More


London’s Young Talent to be recognised at the O2

When people ask me what I enjoyed most about running for Mayor of London earlier this year my answer is always the same. It was meeting so many amazing Londoners who are doing brilliant work in their communities all across the capital. Nowhere was that more true than when I met Gary Trowsdale and the dedicated team of people he works with to support, highlight and award young talent across London.

Gary, who is the Managing Director of the Damilola Taylor Trust, founded the Spirit of London Awards (SOLA) in 2009 as a legacy to Damilola who was killed in Peckham 12 years ago last week – aged just 10 years old. Gary and the other members of the trust wanted to start a project that would move the focus away from negative images of youth that we often read about and instead recognise the positive contribution that so many young people make to their communities. With the full support of Damilola’s family, Gary wanted to ensure... Read More