Siobhan Benita

Political commentator

From November you will be able to hear me every Sunday between 11 am and noon when I join Iain Dale on his LBC973 radio show to discuss the week ahead in politics and London life. I am a regular contributor to news programmes on SKY and the BBC. Having run as an independent candidate in the 2012 Mayor of London election I know exactly what it feels like to campaign in a major election.

Public speaker, event host and facilitator

I speak regularly and at a broad range of events, from secondary schools and youth groups to lectures in Parliament and large conferences. I have hosted a number of award ceremonies, including one in Buckingham Palace, and facilitated numerous seminars and meetings with audiences of all sizes and from all sectors.

Government and civil service expert

With over 15 years’ experience in Whitehall working with Ministers and seniors officials on a range of policy and reform initiatives, I can provide advice and consultancy on issues relating to government and/or the civil service.

Women work!

From personal mentoring to speaking about women in public life and/or the workplace, I have a wealth of experience working with women from all backgrounds and organisations. I am the founder of the women’s network Tabelle and this year, I have been shortlisted for the 2012 Asian Women of Achievement Awards and Red Magazine’s Red Hot Women Awards. I am also a member of Nokia’s Remarkable Women Programme. I am passionate about helping women to reach their full potential and improving gender equality in all walks of life.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and requirements on any of the above.


With her extensive knowledge of Government and UK politics, Siobhan was a Senior Civil Servant who, in January 2012, ran as independent candidate in the Mayor of London election. She received over 250,000 votes, finishing extremely close to the Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates. This was a remarkable achievement for a previously unknown individual with no party machine.

Since the election, Siobhan has been asked by many groups and organisations to speak about her election experience and to provide her thoughts on the current state of UK politics more broadly. She has a weekly slot on Iain Dale’s Sunday LBC radio show and is a regular guest on SKY and BBC news programmes.

Siobhan also continues to support many of the charity organisations that she met during the campaign, especially those with a focus on youth or women’s issues. She is very proud, for example, to be associated with this year’s Spirit of London Awards and to have contributed to events organised by groups like Bite the Ballot and Enterprise Lab.

In her career as a civil servant, she worked at the centre of government for over 15 years, developing policies on transport, environment and local government issues before moving to the Cabinet Office where she led cross-Whitehall reform and communications projects. She joined the Department of Health in 2009 where she was in charge of corporate management and work on good governance.

During her career in government, she devoted a lot of time to improving diversity and gender equality in particular. In 2010 she founded Tabelle, a network for women working in and with the public sector and has personally mentored several female colleagues. As a mother of two daughters, she understands the importance of raising women’s aspirations and is regularly asked to share her reflections on what can be done to improve gender equality in the workplace. She is a particularly strong advocate of the need for more women in UK public life.

Siobhan has been a trustee of the Civil Service Charity since 2010. She is married with two daughters and lives in South West London. She is a fitness fan which complements well her love of all things baking-related!

Siobhan is available for a wide range of speaking, consultancy and media work.
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